Blejska Koca + Lipanski vrh

Category : Mountains, Slovenia
Date : January 26, 2017

In the east of the Julian Alps, between Krma Valley and the Pokljuka Plain you can find a ridge of perfectly aligned mountains, containing the two easternmost 2000ers of the Julians, Debela Pec and Brda. All mountains offer near vertical faces on their Krma side (north-west), but smooth slopes on the Pokljuka side (south-east) and thus are easily accessible hiking goals. Thanks to their proximity to Triglav, Rjavina and Luknja Pec, they are grade A panoramic mountains.

Lipanski vrh is located quite central on this ridge. Named after the alpine meadow, Planina Lipanca, located to the summit’s east, it is a rocky mountain, which barely makes it above the timber line. On its summit, as well as on the south-western foresummit Mrežce you can still find dwarf pines, which make climbing a pain if you stray from the routes. To the north-east of the mountain Lipanska vrata, a saddle between it and neighbouring Brda offers the sole crossover point from Krma Valley to the Pokljuka plain. However, it is a very steep crossing on the Krma side. In winter Lipanski vrh can be climbed in a ski tour – like all the other summits close by.

On the Lipanca Meadow you can find Blejska koca, a mountain hut, which serves all the summits of the ridge as starting point or relay station. It is located a mere 300m beneath Lipanski vrh and the summit can be attained in less than two hours from the hut. Yet, thanks to its rocky nature and thanks to the steepness of its flanks, Lipanski vrh is not an easy mountain (for hiking standards). Two protected sections have to be climbed along the summit routes but naturally the unprotected sections pose the most dangers. Deep crevices open up, dropping directly down to Krma Valley and on the Mrežce side a wild lanscape of towers and spires separates the route from the substantial drops to the north-west. On the summit, however, you are rewarded with great views of Triglav.

Endless forests of Pokljuka

Blejska koca

First glimpse of Mt. Triglav

Mt. Triglav on the left (2864m) – the highest mountain in Slovenia


View over Pokljuka and towards Ljubljana basin in the back