Bali Temples

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Date : June 30, 2016

Bali’s highlands and coasts are home to many ancient temples. Several of them have become the island’s most iconic landmarks, featuring magnificent centuries-old architecture and set against the exotic backdrops. Lively processions, ornate decorations and festivity take place during temple anniversaries, which come around twice a Gregorian year based on a local 210-day calendar.

On any other day, they are great places to visit at least once during your visits to Bali. Each temple is unique. Be it the cloudy peaks of Danu Bratan or the golden sunsets and silhouettes of Uluwatu. Proper conduct and temple attire comprising a waist cloth (sarong) and sash are required, available for rental or donation fees at all sites.


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Uluwatu is one among Bali’s picture postcard temples. The temple is also known among surfers as an exotic surf spot. Located on a southwest cliff top approximately 70 metres above the crashing waves. Definitely one of the top places on the island to go to for scenic and sunset moments, together with ancient architecture and sculptures, and there’s a dense monkey forest nearby inhabited by grey long-tailed macaques. Monkeys are notorious for snatching visitors’ belongings, so be careful. They can usually be persuaded into trading the items for fruit, although this only encourages them to steal more.

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Danu Bratan

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This picturesque landmark and significant temple sits on the western side of Beratan Lake, up in Bali’s central highlands. During high tide, the smooth reflective surface of Beratan surrounds most of the temple’s base, creating a unique floating illusion, while the mountain range provides the temple with its hazy, dreamy backdrop. The striking scenery and cool atmosphere of these uplands have made the temple site a favourite sightseeing and recreational spot for visitors. On any other regular day, the large flowering lakeside gardens and shrines offer an enjoyable time with many photographic opportunities.

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There was no water surrounding the temple at the start of September

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Taman Ayun

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Taman Ayun Temple is a landmark in the village of Mengwi, Badung regency, located 17km northwest of Denpasar. This temple complex boasts magnificent traditional architectural features throughout its courtyards and enclosures as well as expansive garden landscapes comprised of lotus and fish ponds.

The temple was built circa 1634 by the then ruler of the Mengwi kingdom, Tjokerda Sakti Blambangan, with Chinese architectural inspirations, and underwent a significant restoration project in 1937. Towering tiers from the temple shrines make up most of the profile of Taman Ayun and are a gesture of the people of Mengwi’s reverence to their deified noble ancestors, for the temple complex is considered the ‘mother temple’ of Mengwi.
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