Last year I was writing about a lovely man called Viktor who was our guide through local villages and rice terraces. He ended up on cover of Svet & Ljudje magazine, which is a Slovenian magazine. Click here to see the post about Viktor. So as soon as I received my copy of the magazine I had an idea. I wanted to show Viktor in person the magazine and take a picture of him. I trusted this mission to my friend Roman Križanič and asked him if he could deliver one copy of the magazine to Viktor and take a photo of him. Roman is traveling around SE Asia every year, guiding small groups of people to beautiful places.

As I was told Viktor was very happy with the picture and was showing the magazine to everyone in his village. I wish I could be there.

It was probably Steve McCurry and his Afgan Cover in National Geographic, that gave me the idea to do this. Steve McCurry currently has an exhibition open at Ljubljana Castle called “A Life in Pictures”, which will be open until June 17th. Click here for more info.

Photo by Roman Križanič

Viktor on cover of Svet & Ljudje

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