Photographer of the year 2009 competition

Category : Awards
Date : October 27, 2009

No I am not the winner. I have ranked 13 out of 139 people who submitted 459 photographs. The competition was held by Slovenian edition of Digital Camera Magazine. I have submitted 3 photos from my recent travels (one from Cambodia – “Brothers”, one from Hawaii – “Friendly Shark” and one from Canary islands – “Surfing” which ended on 13th place). My personal favorite was not “Surfing”, but anyway I am pleased with the results. Congrats to all other contestants. Here is the link to 37th edition of Digital Camera.



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Iskrene čestitke z moje strani. Fotka je za moj okus odlična!
Lep pozdrav, Igor

12 years ago

    Hvala za čestitke. Čestitke pa tudi tebi za lepo uvrstitev. Lp, Juš

    12 years ago

ta in še enih par so tvoje “kultne fotke” :))
super ni kej!;)

12 years ago

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