Tunisia 08

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Date : September 1, 2008

Here I am back again at home. Well, what’s new?…hmm I have been to Tunisia again :)….for the 3rd time allready. I just love those last-minute deals. I saw a great deal on the net on Monday and on Wednesday I was in Tunisia. As I have allready seen much of Tunisia there are not so many photos but I have some from my trip to capital Tunis and a lovely city called Sidi bou Said(some 17km out of Tunis).

Port of Nabeul and below the lighthouse.

Above you can see the Louage station, this is some kind of taxi, that drives you only from city to city and it is very cheap. It is about 3,4 TD (1,9EUR) from Hammamet to Tunis.

Above is the most common “fruit” in Tunisia.

Between those buildings are the narrow streets that leads to the old Medina of Tunis…
…and here they are….very crowded….and you must bargain on every corner….

Man smoking shisha and drinking tea.

A friend from Tunis, she showed us around and took us to Sidi bou Said….

….coming soon…photos from Sidi bou Said…

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