Tunisia 08 – Sidi Bou Said

Date : September 10, 2008
As promised here it is….Tunisia – Sidi Bou Said. If you visit the capital Tunis, you must visit this small city as well. It remembers me of Greece. It has white buildings and blue windows, blue doors, blue everything. Also there is bougenvelia growing everywhere, it is amazing. Sidi Bou Said is about 17km out of Tunis, so you can take a train from center of Tunis, that’s the cheapest at around 0,6 TD (1Eur is 1,78 TD). This small city is situated right on the cliff, so the scenery is really great.
…train station in Tunis…

…narrow and steep roads…

…some shops on a main road…


…my friend Magui said that this means that the path is closed and dangerous…

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Cool photos…

14 years ago

dobre fotke… se mi je kar zaluštalo 🙂

14 years ago

Hvala obema 🙂

14 years ago

Ker hud mestece :))

14 years ago

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