High in the Alps

Date : March 7, 2008
I don’t know how it happened but it did 🙂 I have missed to edit a few good shots from Zermatt, Switzerland. I’m so happy that I found them. Here are some that I think are worth of publishing and I’ll look around my album if there are some other “missed” shots. I just love the colors on the first two photos….

… 1st of October…

…so peaceful…high in the Alps…

…in front of him is Italy and in the back Switzerland 😀 …

…earned rest after training…

…taken at 3983 m above sea level…

Comments (5)

blue boysa…huda fotka. ma neki v sebi. ostale pač lepe sam brez neke vsebine razen tiste k ščije na meji. 😀

14 years ago

Super! Krasna pokrajina.

14 years ago

panorame so kot olje na platnu! res imaš okus pri obdelavah..

4000m?!? wtf, se lahko sploh diha tam gor:)

14 years ago

Da spustim se jaz kaksen kometar 😛
vredu so fotke. vsec mi je predvsem meja obdelave. Zgleda lepa in naravna, nc fake.

keep up the good work 😉

14 years ago

tnx boys :)… cenim every single komentar 😛 hehe…

dragan: itq da se da dihat:P sam na škrge hehe

14 years ago

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